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My name is Kiara Snead. I'm a resident of Virginia, 28 years young, and I strive for greatness for my family. I have a daughter and a dog who I love deeply. I work online to provide a better life for us. I was hesitant to work online, but I decided to give it a try in April 2017. I joined Motor Club of America, which is a roadside assistance company based in Oklahoma, United States. I later found another great company called Country Scents Candles. The name speaks for itself. Country Scents Candles is a brand new candle company from Kentucky, United States. Both companies can be done online or offline. That's why I love my online businesses. I can make them my own! No one telling me what to do! I can work whenever I want!  

Motor Club of America

MCA has a vehicle coverage plan for everyone and starts at only $9.95/mo. We pride ourselves on offering 24-hour (towing up to 100 miles) emergency services such as fuel delivery, battery jump starts, flat tire changes, auto locksmith, and other benefits to keep you and your family safe. MCA services are available while traveling in North America (USA & Canada).

You can also make money weekly! For $40* you can become your own boss and sell roadside assistance all over the United States.

 *Some states require a licensing fee. It varies in each state.*

Make My Business Your Business

Motor Club of America

Do you feel that you have been unfairly pulled over by law enforcement? We've got your back. Get covered for $2,000 in attorney fees to help combat those pesky moving violations. The out of pocket expenses for an attorney are often too expensive to consider, leaving you to swallow your pride and just pay the ticket. We also offer attorney fee coverage for personal injury matters, vehicle damage, and auto-related negligent homicide or vehicular manslaughter cases.


Enjoy taking advantage of Motor Club of America's many health and travel discounts on services such as hotels, rental cars, vision, and dental. We have a network of the largest brands in those respective industries. Our perks will allow you to save hundreds on everday purchase items. Save hundreds of dollars a year by booking with any of our rental car agencies or hotel chains.

No other motor club is like this!

●Over $150,000 worth of benefits!

●Unlimited towing up to 100 miles per day!!

●Hotel and rental car discounts!

●Get hurt in an automobile accident? We have hospitalization payouts!

What's not to love?! 

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Interested in making an extra $80 - $500+ a week working from home, just by using your smart phone? Are you in need of roadside assistance you can count on? Feel free to check out my other website to start your empire. Https://

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